InTraRegio International Dialogue Event

    International Dialogue Event on Intermodal Transport

    13th of February 2014, Bremen
    Parallel to LDIC 2014 an International Dialogue Event on Intermodal Transport will be held. The event is organized by the European Project InTraRegio and aims at supporting an international dialogue and cooperative activities for the responsible development and use of emerging technologies for intermodal transport solutions. International experts from Cameroon, China, Morocco, Russia, South Korea, Thailand, and Ukraine will gain up-to-date insight and practical examples of how leaders in these countries are responding to the challenge of a sustainable global transport economy.
    In the framework of Session I an insight into European view on cluster collaboration, based on experiences from IntTraRegio resulted from comparative interregional transport cluster analysis will be given. The session will be rounded up by presentation of funding opportunities under Horizon 2020 and other financial instruments in 2014-2020 for collaboration with Third Countries. Session II is devoted to experience sharing with three invited experts, who give East European and African perspective on cluster policies, introduce their regions, as well as cooperation opportunities with European partners. Session III rounds up the event giving Asian perspective on industry agglomeration policies. Experts from China, South Korea and Thailand will share their view on possible cooperation opportunities with European partners.
    The dialogue event will set the ground for continuing the process and exploring ways of encouraging broader dialogue and international cooperation regarding the exploitation of advanced technological concepts.
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    Transnational Workshop on Intermodal Transport Planning

    12th of February 2014, Bremen
    The Transnational Workshop on Intermodal Transport Planning will be held in conjunction to the International Dialogue Event and parallel to LDIC 2014. It will contribute to the development of a common long-term based strategy among regions involved in the InTraRegio project. Both, scientific and industrial community is invited.
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    Project InTraRegio - Towards an Intermodal Transport Network through innovative research-driven clusters in Regions of organised and competitive knowledge

    The InTraRegio project is a coordination action that aims to enhance the integration process and the capacity of the five European regions Canary Islands (ES), Bremen (DE), Marmara (TR), Calabria (IT) and Ruse (BG) towards their development of regional RTD and economic policies and research strategies related to transport concerns, in particular to intermodal freight and passenger transport. Through mutual learning processes and collaborative relationships among regional research-driven clusters, represented by 18 partners coming from governmental, research and industrial side, a transnational strategy will be established, directed at developing the take up of innovative measures that spin towards new collaboration among regional players and address as a joint force transport-related issues.

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