MAPDRIVER Kick-off Meeting

    MAPDRIVER - Towards a Roadmap to Boost Demand for ICT in Transport

    11th of February 2014, Bremen
    In order to exploit synergies with the conferences: 4th International Conference on Dynamics in Logistics (LDIC 2014) and International Dialogue Event on Intermodal Transport (InTraRegio conference) the kick-off meeting of the new EU project MAPDRIVER will be organized on 11th of February at the University of Bremen, parallel to these events. The project “Towards a Roadmap to Boost Demand for ICT in Transport” (MAPDRIVER) is funded under the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme of the European Commission and is scheduled for 18 months, starting from January 2014. Three European regions: Canary Islands (Spain), Bremen (Germany) and Marmara (Turkey) will jointly support, develop and promote the creation of a Roadmap to facilitate the uptake of ICT innovations in European transport with regards to freight and passenger transport. Within the Roadmap, four main areas of demand-side policies will be addressed in the process of enhancing market uptake of innovations, namely public procurement, regulations and technical standards, systemic policies (or user-driven innovation measures) and those policies supporting demand from the transport sector.